So just some quick fixes for champions who just don't make the grade right now (because these threads don't come up enough):


Innate - Now slows for 15%

Q - After charging, Sejuani gains 10/20/30/40/50 Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds. AP Ratio increased to .5

W - Increased AP ratio to .15

E - Increased AP Ratio to .7

R - Lowered CD to 120/105/90


Mantra - Now can be ranked like Jayce's ultimate. CD changed to 32/27/22/17. Max charges stored changed to 1/2/2/3. Also now grants passive bonus to MS of 0/10/20/30.

All other skills now rescaled to get rank 6 numbers at rank 5.

AA range increased to 525


Q - Instantly makes Twitch invisible. Now ignores unit collision for duration.


Q - Enemies can no longer see the drop reticule on his axe.

W - Mana cost lowered to 35

E - Ratio increased to .7 bonus AD


E - CD reduced by 2 seconds


Create Legendary tier item for Hex core


MR per level changed from 0 to 1.25