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So I've noticed that some champions are high skillcap - high reward, and that some are an extreme of that. Imagine this team comp: Irelia Top, Viktor Mid, Lee Sin Jungle, Jayce ADC, and Lulu Support. What's similar is their extreme utility, damage, and survivability.

Irelia has natural sustain and tenacity, high DPS, and a dash and a stun.

Viktor has trading power, poke, burst, shield, an AOE stun, AOE silence, and great teamfight control.

Lee Sin is energy-based with amazing energy sustain, two dashs, two vision granting abilities, sustain, shield, slow, and knockback.

Jayce has a team movement speed boost, long-range poke, AS boost, targeted dash, slow, knockback, stun, and mana sustain.

Lulu has a slow, shield, haste, complete disable polymorph, knock-up, and health boost.

Isn't this the best team comp?

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