Season Two is coming to a close, and I'm wondering what Riot can put into the game to back it better. The current summoner spells bring some customizable utility, mobility, and damage, and I like them the way they are. No "remove flash, too OP" nonsense. However, there are no defensive spells except heal and cleanse, and nothing to counter the whole Flash-Ignite combo. So I'm presenting a few spells that will balance out the list.

Bulken Up - Gives your champion 10 Armor and Magic Resist + (lvl x1) plus 15% damage reduction from AOE abilities for 10 seconds.

Mastery Bonus: 5% reduced AOE damage to allied champions for the same duration.

180 second cooldown.

Allows tanks to be more tanky in teamfights. Also is a counter for the powerful AOE Ultimate in a teamfight, but not as strong as it sounds on paper. Although with masteries, you can get up to 20% reduced AOE damge, this only apllies to you. This will be used by tanks to stay in a fight longer, reducing damage when they aren't being focused. The mastery bonus helps the team a bit too.

Barrier - Shields your champion for 100 + (30 × level) for 4 seconds.

125 second cooldown.

Mastery Bonus: Reflects 10% of all damage taken from enemies.

Basically the same spell from Proving Grounds but with a better scaling. Good for when you initiate and need to sponge up all of the initial damage, but not unfair in a 1v1 situation. Also a counter to the reduced heal from ignite. Short enough cooldown to be available in skirmishes, but a short duration for soaking up only burst damage. The mastery bonus will benifit initiators the most, which is who this spell is aimed at.

Reveal - Reveals an enemy for 6/8/10 seconds.

Mastery Bonus: Also slows the enemy champion by 10% for half the duration.

180 second cooldown.

No more cheap flash escapes now. Gives vision to an enemy champion to all allies, even stealth champions, but it must be targeted, so you can't use it after an enemy has ran. This is not like Clarity, it is meant to chase, not as a defensive tool for checking brush or buffs. Long enough duration for stealth opponents in teamfights. Long enough cooldown it will be available for every other teamfight. The mastery bonus helps chase the enemy, but is not the primary function of the spell.

So what do you think? Useful, useless, or too useful. Feel free to give some thought and feedback.