So I've got this crazy idea for a game mode, so hear me out: The Alphabet Game.

Set on All Random on any map, the rule are that each player can only buy items according to the first letter in their champion's name. You cannot stack items until every different item is in your possession. Consumables and boots allowed. For example:

Anivia can build Sorc Boots, Amplifying Tomb, Abyssal Scepter, Archangel's, Athene's, Aegis, and Atma's.

Garen can build Swiftness Boots, Giant's Belt, Glacial Shroud, Guinsoo's, and 2 GAs.

Irelia can only build Merc Trends, 3 IE, and 2 Ionic Spark.

Malphite can build Ninja Tabi, Malady, Mana Manipulator, Mejai's, Manamune, and Morello's.

Pantheon can build Sorc Boots, Phage, Phantom D, Philosopher's, and 2 Pickaxe.

That's an example from one of the games I've played with some friends using this. What is your opinion on it?