I've been forced to play jungler in most of my games (as most tanks are junglers), and I've noticed something about junglers in general.

The perfect jungler is a champion who can quickly level up in the jungle early on, gank lanes by initiating on the enemy and disabling them with slows and stuns, and cannot be shut down early on.

In my experience, every jungler I've played only fits 2 of the 3 criteria.

  • Dr. Mundo, Olaf, and Shyvanna are the fastest junglers in the game, and don't need to rely on blue buff (as two of them don't even use mana). However, they fall off during ganks. Mundo's only disable is a skillshot slow, and only his Ult really initiates. Olaf's skillshot slow is one of the hardest to master, and he's better at chasing down running champions. Shyvanna has no slows at all, relying on her Ultimate to initiate.
  • Garen, Blitzcrank, and Xin Zhao can jungle because of their ganks, but are really slow junglers. They won't be able to get to level 6 before the players in the lane, and may lose on gank opportunities.
  • Warwick, Maokai, and Nautilus can pretty fast at clearing camps, and their ganks are great, but if they don't get their blue buff at the begining, they will never have a good game. They won't be able to sustain themselves in the jungle, as they are mana dependent and cooldown dependent.

So what I want to know is, are there any junglers who can fit all the roles, or are they all kept balanced? Even someone who is average at all of these roles is ok.

Verdict: So it looks like Maokai and Skarner are the best junglers right now, and I'm glad with that. They bring lots of utility to the team, and can be built tanky or AP. Good ganks, jungle sustain, and can be good without blue. Ok, thanks!