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    This is the first time i write a blog post, and it's probably to be long; so i'm gonna try not to extend too much on the introduction.

    I just wanted to share my ideas on what could be done to some items, and some things i would like to see. What you are going to read is my personal opinion and you can disagree; feel free to post your opinion below as I would really appreciate it but please remember to be respectful.

    Reintroduced as a mobility consumable.

    • Costs 250g and lasts for 3 minutes
    • Grants 6% Movement Speed and 15% Tenacity (multiplicative).

    Hardly nerfed and reintroduced.

    • Range Reduced to 500 from 600
    • Lasts for 3 minutes instead of 4
    • The remaining duration is halved whenever you respawn (not when you die).
    • Cost decreased to 350g from 400g

    • 400…

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