Cupid Ashe

She wears pink shorts, stockings, hood, chestguard and a white belt with red high heels. She also has cute little wings.

Her bow is pink, and it fires red arrows. When she activates Frost Shot, the arrows turn into cupid arrows and the bow turns a deep red.

Ashe's Volley fires cupid arrows that leave a pink-glitterish trail behind them.

When targets are slowed by Ashe's Frost Shot, ultimate or Volley, instead of the usual icy trail, they have a trail of hearts.

Her Hawkshot sends a mini-cupid flying over to its location that explodes into a mass of hearts.

And her Enchanted Crystal Arrow could be a gigantic cupid arrow with a pink-glitterish trail that explodes into hearts when it hits a target. And instead of the circles that appear over the head when usually stunned, three hearts fly around the targets head.

War Corki

He has an army helmet, army trousers and jacket equipped with black boots. He also has a cigar hanging out of his mouth.

He drives around in a tank with a machine gun ontop.

His Phosprorus Bomb would be a flare that he would throw.

Valkyrie took some thinking. My ideas are that he shoots backwards, causing him to surge forwards to the requested location. (Ideas welcomed for this one).

Gatling Gun would be as usual with his machine gun.

Missile Barrage would be from the tank.

Slam Dunk Darius

Purple basketball shorts with a yellow vest and yellow sneakers. His axe is morphed into a basketball net on a pole.

His Decimate swings the basketball net around.

Crippling Strike strikes the net over the player, making them slowed and encased in a net.

Apprehend uses his net to grab people.

Noxian Gillotene... my favourite part... he takes out a basketball, slam dunking it (smashing it) onto the enemy's head.