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  • Doctursea

    A recent article on http://www.lolking.com, got my and a friend talking about (the argueable most useful). The probelm with these items are that they're very unnviable in the game. It turns you into a focus target and ruins your game if you die with them, and that's their point. The probelm is that noone buys them; there needs to be more people taking this risk. I think they need slight changes to the functions of them, and a bit to the stacks they give. I'll change these based on the comments I get toward the changes.

    type = Advanced

    effects = +180 health

    maps = Summoner's Rift

    passive = Unique: Your champion gains 40 health per stack, receiving 2 stacks for a kill and 1 stack for an assist. This effect can stack 20 times; you lose a third o…

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  • Doctursea

    I’ve noticed that the choices in are down right poor for some champions. I hate that some champions have tons of skins (not all good either), while others have a poor pool of choices. I also think some skins are just bad, but that’s just an opinion and not what the blog is about. It’s about skin ideas; I want ideas to flourish here. Any idea for a skin I want to hear about. Some champions have just lost a chance at a skin just because Riot can’t think of idea’s, it’s sad really. I’ve wanted a new skin for Zilean for a long time! Don’t let a thing like the champion already having a legendary stop an idea; both Corki and Cho Gath have 2. You can even suggest improvements to skins and effects on them.

    Shen: Slithering Shen

    Des: It’s basically j…

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  • Doctursea

    Weakest of their league

    October 29, 2012 by Doctursea

    I was interested in the opinions of the other wiki’ers, on who is the weakest champion(s) of the league. I notice a lot of champions that are rarely played. I wanna know why this is, and what you think could be changed about the champion to improve. I think a handful of champions in a complete rework.

    One I want to se reworked is Karma. Karma is just awkward, she does plenty of damage it’s just her kit makes it hard for her to be as useful as she could be.

    A champion I think could need a slight buff on a skill or 2 is Xerath, with his great range, and a good passive this champion being under played is odd. It most started happening when he was changed not to be able to ult at all the same time. I think the reason he is underplayed is, becaus…

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  • Doctursea

    Summoner Passives

    October 26, 2012 by Doctursea

    Summoner passives are an idea that I've been thinking about since the beginning of season II. I really like how you can have summoner spells that can completely change the ways some people play, and clearly give an advantage in some fights. I like the balance between the spells and how some are offensive and defensive. I only have the occasional problem of not needing 2 summoner spells. I would love to see passives that could take the place of a summoner spell slot. I don't mean like overly powerful, or temporary buffs. I mean passives that would give a boost to a curtain aspect or aspects the entire game. I haven't really thought up any or how they would work I would just like to see the public's opinion.
    -P.S.A: Please don't be rude to o…

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  • Doctursea

    Slot just for wards

    October 8, 2012 by Doctursea

    I think there needs to be a spot just for wards. I don't really see why you have to give up an item late game, or just go wardless. I think there should be just a slot that can only be for wards(maybe oricles too). It's annoying when the team is like "buy wards [insert name]" and they're like "[insert name]: I dont have the inv space". I don't think this additional spot would change gameplay much.

    Also i dont like how on proving grounds, you can only buy oricles extract if you can't go back to the store after you leave the base. Am i just supose to die every 4 mins to get another?

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