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Summoner Passives

Doctursea October 26, 2012 User blog:Doctursea

Summoner passives are an idea that I've been thinking about since the beginning of season II. I really like how you can have summoner spells that can completely change the ways some people play, and clearly give an advantage in some fights. I like the balance between the spells and how some are offensive and defensive. I only have the occasional problem of not needing 2 summoner spells. I would love to see passives that could take the place of a summoner spell slot. I don't mean like overly powerful, or temporary buffs. I mean passives that would give a boost to a curtain aspect or aspects the entire game. I haven't really thought up any or how they would work I would just like to see the public's opinion.
-P.S.A: Please don't be rude to others. I don't care if you call my idea stupid, but at least don't be mean to others. Remember this is ultimately opinions, so don't say things like:"That's a dumb idea" try to word it:" I don't like that idea, because___________". Just try and be nice to others opinions.

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