I was interested in the opinions of the other wiki’ers, on who is the weakest champion(s) of the league. I notice a lot of champions that are rarely played. I wanna know why this is, and what you think could be changed about the champion to improve. I think a handful of champions in a complete rework.

One I want to se reworked is Karma. Karma is just awkward, she does plenty of damage it’s just her kit makes it hard for her to be as useful as she could be.

A champion I think could need a slight buff on a skill or 2 is Xerath, with his great range, and a good passive this champion being under played is odd. It most started happening when he was changed not to be able to ult at all the same time. I think the reason he is underplayed is, because his lack of need to be in a teamfight. Not being right in a teamfight normally irritates your team. I feel he needs to do more damage to targets closer to him, and less to ones farther away from him. The damage he does now should be the middle point changing to 25% more for close range, to 15% less at the farthest range (only when rooted). I don’t think there needs to be any bonuses, when he’s rooted. I alos enjoy this idea ALOT.

I just wanna hear what others think, I wanna know who is/are the weakest champion(s) in the league?

-P.S.A: Please don't be rude to others. I don't care if you call my idea stupid, but at least don't be mean to others. Remember this is ultimately opinions, so don't say things like:"That's a dumb idea" try to word it:" I don't like that idea, because___________". Just try and be nice to others opinions.

P.S. I would like to thank everyone reading this, and giving their input. I brings me a lot of joy to take in the input and see the ideas of everyone. Thanks for making this such a popular blog post.

Final Log: I have played alot of the champs that, showed up in the comments. I have to say, I like Xerath's mechanics (something about ulting a whole team where they can't see you from is so fun.) I played alot I don't think any champion is truely underpowered, but there are some who are the Weakest of their League ;D. I still pick Xerath as my choice, but ultimatly it's an opinion. There is no real way to identify a champion that's weak, because in trained hand even weakling can't be killers. This will be my last time editing this post, because a new question will be out tomorrow(hopefully). I did read all 80+ comments(wow), and will continue to do so.