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  • Doeniel

    G'day, Wikia People of the League. As Karthus is getting a bit too less love in these times of assassins and nerfed mages as well as new Hard Counters for this Champion every second patch, I thought I'd give a little try at not only offering some rework ideas for this guy to fit into the modern days of mid lane and jungle, but also to start a little discussion about this guys strenghts and problems in the comment section. Please do keep in mind that I am not really highly educated about the in-depths of this champion and just play him on a regular basis, these are basicly only my Ideas for him to fit his awesome thematic a bit better, not the well-thought of concepts of a Karthus Main (which, if there are any on this wikia, can contact me a…

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  • Doeniel

    The first thing that came to a lot of peoples mind, myself included, when the Champion known as , regarding his abilities and ingame playstyle, got revealed was probably:

    A major part of what we know about Tahm Kenches Background is the story of a gambling man in desperate times, the Cinematic named after the champion who is teasered: The River King. Narrated by himself, it is the tale of the odyssey of The Gambler who lost all he had to his gambling and was about to give up on his occupation just before he got offered a bargain from The River King, eventually starting a new life, still gambling, with the beasts part of the deal beeing to satisfy his hunger when the time is right. The Gambler married his wife but soon after lost his riches…

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  • Doeniel

    Greetings everyone, this is my little Rework Concept for pretty much my favorite Champion in the Game, Shaco, the Demon Jester. Be sure to read my notes to every ability in the ability details under Additional Information where I will explain every change I'm suggesting (or should I say: sug-jesting?). Please remember that this is my first Blog and Champion Concept on this Page, so every tip for editing will be appreciated.

    First of all, I want Shaco to thematically stay the sly and mad Jester inspired by the Joker from the Batman Frenshise and the Spy from Team Fortress 2. Ingame, he is designed as the typical global present assassin which everybody has to fear and who is a threat at any stage of the game. With elements of confusion and tric…

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