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    December 2, 2012 by Donatello23

    Lilia , the Blood Hunter

    (Melee, Fighter, Assassin, Jungler)


    Blood Feast:

                Every time Lilia kills a unit, she consumes the blood of the victim that regenerates her health based on her targets max health.

    10% health for minions/neutral monsters.

    30% health for enemy champions.

    Q Skill:

    Lunge strike: Lilia lunges at an enemy dealing damage and slows the enemy by 1 second. Has 200 leap range.

    Lvl1: deals 75 + (ad ratio) damage, 5% slow. Has 13 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl2: deals 120 + (ad ratio) damage, 10% slow. Has 11 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl3: deals 170 + (ad ratio) damage, 15% slow. Has 9 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl4: deals 210 + (ad ratio) damage, 20% slow. Has 7 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl5: deals 260 + (ad ratio) damage, 25% slow. Has 5 seconds cool…

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    November 30, 2012 by Donatello23

    Jack Frost, the Winter’s Guardian

    (Mage, Melee)


    Cold Touch: Jack’s damaging abilities apply frost dealing additional 2 (+2 per level) true damage per second and last for 4 seconds.

    Q skill:

    Frost Driver:

                Jack sends out line of ice spikes from the ground in front of him dealing magic damage and immobilizing the enemies affected by 1.5 seconds.

    Lvl1: deals 75 + (ap ratio) damage. Has 10 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl2: deals 125 + (ap ratio) damage. Has 9 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl3: deals 145 + (ap ratio) damage. Has 8 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl4: deals 185 + (ap ratio) damage. Has 7 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl5: deals 215 + (ap ratio) damage. Has 6 seconds cooldown.

    W skill:

    Frost Cloak:

                Jack becomes invisible for 3 seconds. While invisible, Jac…

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    Robin, The Gun Master

    November 22, 2012 by Donatello23

    Robin, the Gun Master

    (Ranged, carry)


    Infinite Ammo: with every successive hit on an enemy champion, Robin’s attack speed is increased by 5%. Each attack stacks up to 4 times. Buff last until he changed his target. Resets stacks when hit another enemy champion.

    Q Skill:

    Bull’s eye

    Passive: Robin's 5 basic attack has a 100% critical chance.

    Active: Robin reloads his weapon. His next basic attack deals bonus physical damage.

    Lvl1: deals 40 + (ad ratio) damage. 10 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl2: deals 80 + (ad ratio) damage. 9 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl3: deals 120 + (ad ratio) damage. 8 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl4: deals 160 + (ad ratio) damage. 7 seconds cooldown.

    Lvl5: deals 200 + (ad ratio) damage. 6 seconds cooldown.

    • W Skill:

    Flash bang grenade:

    Robin throws a …

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