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Jack Frost, the Winter’s Guardian

(Mage, Melee)


Cold Touch: Jack’s damaging abilities apply frost dealing additional 2 (+2 per level) true damage per second and last for 4 seconds.

Q skill:

Frost Driver:

            Jack sends out line of ice spikes from the ground in front of him dealing magic damage and immobilizing the enemies affected by 1.5 seconds.

Lvl1: deals 75 + (ap ratio) damage. Has 10 seconds cooldown.

Lvl2: deals 125 + (ap ratio) damage. Has 9 seconds cooldown.

Lvl3: deals 145 + (ap ratio) damage. Has 8 seconds cooldown.

Lvl4: deals 185 + (ap ratio) damage. Has 7 seconds cooldown.

Lvl5: deals 215 + (ap ratio) damage. Has 6 seconds cooldown.

W skill:

Frost Cloak:

            Jack becomes invisible for 3 seconds. While invisible, Jack can cast 1 spell without being seen and his movement speed is increased. Refreshes cooldown on champion kills and assists.

Lvl1: 10% movement speed. Has 20 seconds cooldown.

Lvl1: 15% movement speed. Has 18 seconds cooldown.

Lvl1: 20% movement speed. Has 16 seconds cooldown.

Lvl1: 25% movement speed. Has 14 seconds cooldown.

Lvl1: 30% movement speed. Has 12 seconds cooldown.

E skill:

Chain Frost:

            Jack throws a magical frost that bounces on 5 enemies dealing magic damage. Deals full damage on the next 4 enemies that will be hit.

Lvl1: deals 60 + (ap ratio) damage. has 8 seconds cooldown.

Lvl2: deals 80 + (ap ratio) damage. has 7 seconds cooldown.

Lvl3: deals 100 + (ap ratio) damage. has 6 seconds cooldown.

Lvl4: deals 120 + (ap ratio) damage. has 5 seconds cooldown.

Lvl5: deals 140 + (ap ratio) damage. has 4 seconds cooldown.

R skill: (Ultimate)


            Jack  unleashes a powerful waves of blizzard dealing magic damage on all enemies in the area and slowing their movement speed by 40%. The storm last 4 waves. This is a channeling spell.

Lvl1: each wave deals 75 + (ap ratio) damage. has 100 seconds cooldown.

Lvl2: each wave deals 125 + (ap ratio) damage. has 80 seconds cooldown.

Lvl3: each wave deals 175 + (ap ratio) damage. has 60 seconds cooldown.

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