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    November 1, 2012 by Doo2you

    Alright, a few games ago, we were owning, and the game was mostly over. I decided to screw around, and build a manamune on darius. THis was followed up by a FH, and it gave me a giant boost to my mana and my armour. I wanted to know if this is viable on other mana-heavy tops that spam like panth and nasus. Any input would be great, thanks!

    P.S. When ever i visit the skins/trivia pages, then skin arts wont show up. Sometimes they appear if i click on them and the other window pops up, but mostly its just blank. Is this me or Lol wiki?

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  • Doo2you

    Nocturne as Mid

    May 25, 2012 by Doo2you

    A LONG time ago, i used to play Nocturne as mid. He dominated low HP AP casters with his shield and high DPS. Haven't tried this build lately at all, but i kind of hope it is still viable. As I haven't done it in a wile, i have no idea if he will be stopped by newer mids like Ziggs and others. I plan to test this over the next few days that i have off for summer, but mostly it would use a wit's for the MR and AS, then some AD item, maybe hexdrinker/maw for the extra MR or a Bloodthirster for sustain. Anyway, any comments would be nice, and i should get another post in later with a complete build.

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