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    Attack type:

    AP Caster

    Resource: Mana

    Glynt is a master conjurer that uses the four elements to do his bidding. His skillset relies on his use of his Elemental Alignment ability to fully make use of his passive, Combo Fields. Having nine spells in total, as well as multiple combinations of spells together, is for a summoner that is up for a challenge.

    Unlike most champions, Glynt is able to charge one of his abilities beforehand (excluding his traps), allowing him to combo with any other spell to gain the bonus of Combinations

    Charge time: 1 second

    (P): Conjurer of the Elements:

    Glynt's vast knowledge of the three elements allows him to create Combinations when using (all except his trap) abilities, altering his them depending on which elements a…

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  • Doommachine23


    the Manipulator

    Cost: [1] 6300 or [2] 975



    Release date : never :(


                Health: 320 (+80)

    Health Regen.: 5.5 (+0.55)

               Mana: 230 (+44)

               Mana Regen.: 7.5 (+0.65)

               Range: 550

               Attack damage: 46 (+3.25)

               Attack speed: 0.6 (+3%)

               Armor: 10 (+3)

               Magic res.: 32

               Movement speed: 300



      (Passive) -- Upon using Uplift, Quasar gains a temporary effect. 

    Grass-- gains stealth, and increased movement speed for 3 / 6 / 8 seconds

    Stone-- gains a shield lasting 2/4/6 seconds, absorbing 45 / 75 / 100 damage. 

    Water-- places a healing Orb effect on Quasar, granting 75 / 100 / 120 health regeneration to his allied champions for …

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