The problem

in their current state rune work to punish new players more than anything else. with the tier 1 and 2 acting as little more than a trap and not having rune vs some who does is a massive handicap. but at the same time giving all the options to new players will be a massive wall of complexity making the game even harder to grasp than it already it.

The solution?

first get rid of tier 1 and 2 they just hurt new players and get in they way for everyone else

next unlock all 30 rune slots to be opened at level 20 this will give players some time to familiarize themselves with runes before being allowed in ranked, while letting them focus on learning the controls without excess complexities

finally and most importantly give everyone a "0" rune page with a set of default runes that they cannot change or use elsewhere these should be very general and work ok for all champions but be optimal for few if any. this will help guide new players in what is useful in a rune page and what each of the runes types are best for, as well as allow new players to be able to play at a competitive level but still allow more experienced players to customize their own rune pages to optimize for their own play style and champions.


first attempt at a blog post in this format to sorry if something is off

if anyone wants to put this on the boards or reddit feel free

finally thanks for spending the time to read this if you have anything to add it would be most appreciated