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    Zara, The Cryptic King

    October 1, 2016 by Double Slap

    There is no delay when autoattacking, but Zara cannot increase his . Killing a minion with an autoattack resets Zara's autoattack animation. Zara incurs a 35% and caps at 400 movement speed due to the sheer weight of his blade. |description2 = Does not gain damage reduction upon buying and . Rather, Zara gains up to 20% of his as a shield that regenerates every 5 seconds. |description3 = Upon reaching the maximum value, Zara also gains a physical damage shield worth per armor)|armor}} and a magic damage shield worth per magic resistance)|magic resistance}}. Each shield regenerates every 2 seconds not in combat. }}


    enemy units hit for 1 second, then imbuing a glyph on the enemies that by 20% , and deal physical damage over 5 seco…
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  • Double Slap

    Gold Efficiency was an old concept of measuring the effectiveness of items according to it's cost. With the introduction of passives and actives that became significant regardless of the subpar Gold Efficiency, the concept grew to become a heavily disputed topic. There were a total of 3 supermassive debates regarding the legitimacy of Gold Efficiency. At the end of the, 3rd Gold Efficiency Nova Clash, Gold Efficiency was so forth renamed to Statistical Value in order to continue the method rather than disbanding it entirely. Nevertheless, the name has been changed but the method is still scarred. People still have a disoriented view of Statistical Value because of the ability of an item to be quite useful regardless of the level of Statist…

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