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    To know list:

    1. I am vulgar. (moderator's willing, I understand you have a job to do)
    2. I am rarely logical.
    3. I am here to vent my frustrations.
    4. you get a kick/laugh out of any of these, feel free to read on.

    There's that nice feeling when people actually build proper teams. No, I am not advocating that every team comp needs to follow the strict "bruiser top, caster mid, AD/support bot, jungler" archtype, but having a nice well rounded team going into a game is a nice thing.

    What does this have to do with my title? I'm getting to that.

    In my boredom I decided to pop into a game. After watching a team pick through everything but mid, I decided to go mid Morde. Our team went like so:

    Morde mid (me)

    Maokai jungle

    Soraka/MF bot

    Irelia top

    I'm thinking to mysel…

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    First blog in a while. For those of you not familiar with the way this blog works, a few things:

    1) I am vulgar. (moderator's willing, I understand you have a job to do)

    2) I am rarely logical.

    3) I am here to vent my frustrations.

    If you get a kick/laugh out of any of these, feel free to read on.

    So the nautilus patch has landed, bringing with it a new jungler (which I don't object to) as well as a flurry of nerfs/buffs. Now, many of these are minor (Alistar's mana costs/Vlad's small nerfs) so they haven't garnered too much outcry. However, it seems that there just has to be one sect of people every patch who use something in it as an excuse to get pissy. At this point in time, I am of course talking about the people whining about the Sona…

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    As we all know, online gaming is known for some of the worst person to person interactions in all of social interaciton, and League is no exception. However, there comes a point where it seems that some people decide to throw rationality aside while only making themselves look like frothing idiots.

    Case in point, lets look at the recent WCG fiasco (all information is what I know, and may or may not be 100% accurate). From what I can tell, at WCG last weekend (?), Dignitas and CDE battled in the finals to secure a spot in the Korean tournament. However, through some goings on (not entirely sure) there were rumblings of a miscommunication, resulting in today's match, which Dignitas won. Seems simple enough.

    Oh how wrong I can be.

    One quick look…

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    When I first started jungling, I spent a lot of time learning a large assortment of heroes, as well as the ins and outs of jungling. One of the first things that I learned was that a jungler can only do so much. He's not there to win your lane for you, he's there to give your team an edge in experience, to force enemies to play defensively, to get kills on enemies who make mistakes. He can not make up for you doing poorly in your lane. If there was one thing that I took for law, it was that.

    I like to jungle. I really do. I find it the most fun out of any role in the game. When I sit down at night and do premades with friends I am usually the guy who volunteers to jungle. However, one person, a single, solitary, insignificant person, has ru…

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    I like new champions. I enjoy seeing a new addition to the game, and I like the meta changes that some have brought with them. However, as much as I enjoy seeing new champions and new abilities, there are still some old champions that I love. I especially enjoy pointing out that I leveled from 1 to 15 on nothing but Master Yi.

    Despite this, it is true that some older champions are falling behind in terms of power. This can easily be seen with champions like Tristana, Karthus, Rammus, or anyone that is outclassed by others.* To attempt to solve this issue, Riot has taken the liberty of reworking older champions to not only make them fresh and new, but also to make them better at what they do. So far, this has worked to great effect with Ryze…

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