To know list:

  1. I am vulgar. (moderator's willing, I understand you have a job to do)
  2. I am rarely logical.
  3. I am here to vent my frustrations.
  4. you get a kick/laugh out of any of these, feel free to read on.

There's that nice feeling when people actually build proper teams. No, I am not advocating that every team comp needs to follow the strict "bruiser top, caster mid, AD/support bot, jungler" archtype, but having a nice well rounded team going into a game is a nice thing.

What does this have to do with my title? I'm getting to that.

In my boredom I decided to pop into a game. After watching a team pick through everything but mid, I decided to go mid Morde. Our team went like so:

Morde mid (me)

Maokai jungle

Soraka/MF bot

Irelia top

I'm thinking to myself that this team is looking fairly decent. I'm thinking that we're in for a good game.

Flash forward about 10 minutes into the game, and our top is feeding HARD. I'm talking first blood given within 3 minutes hard. I'm zoning a Veigar mid and trying to make up for a Jarvan/WW getting fed. We're keeping the score relatively even, despite our Irelia's poor playing.

Later on, after a rather stupid death of my own, said Irelia starts to blame me for throwing the game. Yes, the feeder, in all her stupidity, decides that it is my fault alone that we are losing. I quickly point out that she's been feeding all game, to which she responds, and I quote:

"don't fucking care randomed irelia and hate her"

She randomed. She fucking randomed.

My first thought was this: Why in the name of god would you EVER hit random? Especially when your team is counting on you doing your fucking job and not feeding! I'm glad she randomed into a good champion, but if she doesn't know irelia, nor even LIKES irelia, then why would she chose to pick her?

And then the obvious after-thought came to me: Why the fuck does the random button even exist??!?!?! What is its purpose? Why is it there? Because it seems to me that the only reason it exists is to give pissed off little pricks who don't give a shit a way of screwing up a game. I'd love to know what the reasoning behind the random button existing is.

I'm astounded that people think randoming is ok. If you actually wanted to win, let alone have a good game, why would you EVER hit random? Why would you subject yourself and your team to you playing a champion you most likely haven't played, and will more than likely do poorly with?

Learn to give a shit.