This is going to be a rant. Yes, I am pissed.

I'm not one to get annoyed by a company trying to make patches good. I understand that delays are inevitable in some cases and that major bugs need to be fixed. But that's not why I'm writing this. I'm writing this because I'm pissed with how Riot has been handling this.

As we have all been aware, the latest patch was delayed. Originally, this was due to the holiday on Monday. As this is something that could not be avoided, this is completely understandable. However, Yesturday we get a post from Phreak stating that the information regarding the patch was going to be posted today, with vague hints at bug issues. Ok, little irritating, but if it means the patch won't have glaring issues. Then later that same night I hear the patch is delayed until Thursday...

...This is where I got irritated. I can understand having issues with a patch, and I know that coding is a delicate process, but to continuely delay something without giving us anything at all in terms of information regarding the new champ, a patch preview, or even status updates that are not vague seems extremely rude. I get that Riot is stressed from the EU server split, but that doesn't mean you can't give us ANYTHING.

So, it's 9:00pm CST here (remember this), and I have just finished reading Average Gatsby's post regarding the delay of the upcoming patch, with no date given as to when it will be in, and more vague answers to constant questions....I'm pissed.

Riot, I love ya, but this lack of communication and constant delaying needs to stop. You need to be much more strict with your release dates, and you need to keep us updated. I get really tired of thinking a patch is coming, and hearing at the last minute that it's delayed.

Get your shit together.

EDIT: This entire rant was made at the height of frustration and annoyance, and logic may have failed me. I needed to vent.