Back from the holidays, with a less than angry post.

Competence is severly lacking in this game. I say this not because I just had a game with 3 feeders and a leaver, no. I say this, because I just had one of the most one sided games I have ever played.

Their team: Vlad, Sion, Kassadin, Rammus (jungling), and Corki

Our team: Evelin, Shen (jungling), Katarina, Dr. Mundo, and Annie (ME)

Now, to me, this seems pretty even. I could not have been more wrong. Our shen was running around warding like a mad man, we're calling mias, we're coordinating ganks, we're meshing like crazy. The enemy team on the other hand, seemed to be flopping around like an impitent pancake. I'm really not sure what the issue was, but they could not get anything right. Their vlad dove at terrible times (initiating with his pool no less), their sion rarely threw a stun, their Rammus was tore down easily (building dps if I remember correctly), Corki was being outlaned by Mundo, and their Kassadin, well, he was actually doing pretty well: he initiated well, he killed often, and he knew when to get out of a fight. In the end, the kills were roughly 34/7 in our favor, and they surrendered at exactly 25 minutes, with all outer towers down.

Now, I admit that I am happy with this game. It felt extremely good to handily crush people who didn't know what they were doing. But on the other hand, I felt kinda bad for Kassadin. He knew what he was doing, and was actually responsible for the large majority of their kills (5 out of 7). The fact that he was teamed with players who were completely incompitent hindered him, and really cost him the game.

There needs to be a Great Awakening of Competence in this community. Too many games are ruined because of people not doing their job, or not knowing what they are doing. It really boils down to this:

"It's your 45 minutes to do what you want, but it's the rest of your teams' 180 minutes telling you to do it right."

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!