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User blog:Dracko40/The Angry Illithid: Poor champion choices on TT


The Angry Illithid: Poor champion choices on TT

Dracko40 December 4, 2010 User blog:Dracko40

For those who are not aware, picking squishies on TT is not a terribly good idea, especially when you decide to lock in as yi and teemo without discussing with the other person (aka: Me) that you need me to tank. What makes it worse is the realization that these players are not very good at said heroes, forcing me to bust my ass trying to win the damn game. I do not enjoy having to carry a team on Twisted Treeline. It drags the match out, and more often than not I end up doing all of the work.

Please learn what champions are good on what map. A Yi and a Teemo, while not terrible choices (There are MUCH worse), are not the most amazing of champions on TT. Their lack of defenses makes them extremely easy to kill. Thank god the enemy team had a Singed with 3 RoAs.


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