Bout time I get pissed for a post.

Well, April Fools has come and gone, and we have a lot to show for it. I'm glad to see Riot released Lee Sin, and I'm having a ton of fun learning him. He's one of the most interesting champions I have ever played. However, I have noticed a recent series of posts on the forums that have made me personally so flabergasted at the amout of fail that I want to facepalm hard enough to hit the person behind me.

The recent addition of Urfrider Corki has sparked what amounts to outrage amongst some players, who believe it should have been limited, and in some cases, legendary. One poster even said this:

"I don't mind saying i like the feeling of being a special snowflake, who cares? i can afford it and the less people i see with it the happier i am even if those people are completely unrelated to me
I love being complemented or making people jealous because i have King Rammus and UFO Corki, same for PAX Jax i take pride in my limited skins and i'm not ashamed to admit it" -BeBen

I nearly fell of my chair from the shear amount of absolute prudishness in this post. I can not believe the mentality of someone who thinks that they need limited skins to be special. And you know what the sad part is? PEOPLE AGREE WITH HIM!!! Yah, there are more of these morons who actually feel better about themselves knowing they have a skin that others don't.

For fucks sake, it's a god damn SKIN. It's a cosmetic alteration that doesn't affect the game at all (Neither does anything else bought with RP(Sans bugs with frame rate)). Why the hell do you need to own a limited skin to feel good about yourself? Do you value having something that others don't so much that when something awesome like this skin comes out that anyone can get, you decide to not only complain, but degrade people who think it shouldn't matter if it's limited or not, or those who don't even care??

I am at a loss for words for how absolutely idiotic these people are. Never before have I felt such absolute disgust for something on any forum. No one cares if you have a skin. In this game, it doesn't matter. You can have King Rammus for all I care, and I still won't give a shit. I care about you not sucking and doing your job, not what skin you bought.

And to the guy I quoted: Get the fuck over yourself, you prudish little bitch.

NOTE: I am not saying that you shouldn't buy skins, or that you shouldn't like skins. I am simply saying that taking it to this degree is wrong.