So on Monday I'm surfing through my usual sites, when I come across something on the league site: Champion Sneak Peak: Nocturne

This got my interest right away. After reading it and staring at the picture provided for about 3 minutes I came to the conclusion that his design is awesome. I am really looking forward to this guy. Since I was already at the league site, I spent some time scrolling through the forums. What I found was a cadre of threads along the lines of "Nocturne is a copy of ----", "Unoriganal new champion", " Nocturne = ---- + ---- from HoN".

This of course made me want to punch squirrels, for rather obvious reasons. First of all, no, Nocturne is not a rip off of HoN characters. I frankly don't give a flying screw about HoN (It's DotA with different names and better graphics, more on that another time). Even then, why do you think that HoN had the idea first? Why does Nocturne resemble heroes from HoN, but not, say, Nevermore or Mercurial from DotA?

Secondly, does it REALLY matter that a new hero for League just happens to resmble characters in other games? Very few designs these days are completely original in any game, so it's rather idiotic to proclaim that someone is a copy of something else, when the design being copied is a copy of something else entirely.

Personally, I like Nocturne. I like his design and I am excited to see his abilities and how he works. Yes he resembles other characters in other games. Yes the idea of a spectre like being has been done to death. But that doesn't mean that he's a blatent ripoff of specific characters, and it is certainly not worth being an idiot about.