As we all know, online gaming is known for some of the worst person to person interactions in all of social interaciton, and League is no exception. However, there comes a point where it seems that some people decide to throw rationality aside while only making themselves look like frothing idiots.

Case in point, lets look at the recent WCG fiasco (all information is what I know, and may or may not be 100% accurate). From what I can tell, at WCG last weekend (?), Dignitas and CDE battled in the finals to secure a spot in the Korean tournament. However, through some goings on (not entirely sure) there were rumblings of a miscommunication, resulting in today's match, which Dignitas won. Seems simple enough.

Oh how wrong I can be.

One quick look at the forums basically showed that the community has turned into a mass of braying morons who wouldn't understand logic if it smacked them in the god damn eye. (yes, I'm venting. I can't stand this sort of stupidity.) Honestly, in an hour of looking through the forums tonight I've seen more childish crying than in the entire history of LoL. And you know what the sad part is? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON.

The entire hour I have spent reading the forums has led me to no information other than that the Dignitas members are ugly and fat, and that Marcou should be fired. Whether or not their issue is legitimate has been completely thrown aside to make way for spamming and acting like idiots. I can understand being angry about something. I can understand having greviances with a tournament decision. But seriously, acting like a rabble of chimps does not make you sound intelligent enough to pay attention to, nor to respond to.

If you want to be responded to, stop acting like idiots, stop spamming, and grow the **** up.

EDIT: After seeing someone ask for Marcou to kill himself, I have officially lost faith in this community.