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    Top 5 Solo Tops

    April 17, 2013 by Dragonfighter118

    I did a top 5 junglers so i wanted to share my thoughts on tops now and maybe ADC and Mids keep in mind this is my own opinion if you think differently post it as a comment.


    You can't out sustain a malphite he will continue to harras you with his q and Lvl 6 will most likely go in for a full on combo.


    Zed can escape from very sticky situations like from ganks or tower dives his shadow lets you harras a ton and deal a ton of damage as well as ult letting you juke out other ults like Fizz's.


    He is able to extremely poke you constantly bringing down your health and blocking most of your basic attacks with his shield.


    Pre lvl 6 he's only a little threat because he can out sustain but Lvl 6 he can get out of situations easily with his ul…

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  • Dragonfighter118

    So Jungle is probably my main role if not the role I would go if we didnt have no one to do it. That being said I have almost all junglers, and I have a top 5.


    Nasus's hasa nice clear time and great ganks which makes him a nice jungler.


    He has a decent clear time but makes up for it by having REALLY good ganks.


    He's great at everything when jungling clear time, ganking, and sustain


    Nobody can escape his slows and if they try escaping with there cc he can easily counter with his ult, he has some great sustain and and amazing clear time.


    My first Jungler, his clear time is great he as possibly the best ganks in the game and he can't die in the jungle because of his passive 

    If you have different junglers that you think are better share it …

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  • Dragonfighter118

    So I think Urgot is a very good champ all around especially adc, his range is amazing and he even has his own shield. However a couple days ago I played him as a solo top against a Lee sin and a Zed, either they were really bad, or I was doing great because going against two very strong top laners is very hard, I was kiting as best as I could    around turret and getting a lot of kills, my final score was 13/3/10, I can't remember my build but it was more along side of Armor and Sustainability (Manamune and Frozen Heart where my core items letting me dish out as much damage as I could and let me take tons of damage) I still love Urgot as adc but I want to keep trying him top since it's my main role.

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