So Jungle is probably my main role if not the role I would go if we didnt have no one to do it. That being said I have almost all junglers, and I have a top 5.

5. NasusSquare Nasus

Nasus's hasa nice clear time and great ganks which makes him a nice jungler.

4. NautilusSquare Nautilus

He has a decent clear time but makes up for it by having REALLY good ganks.

3. UdyrSquare Udyr

He's great at everything when jungling clear time, ganking, and sustain

2. OlafSquare Olaf

Nobody can escape his slows and if they try escaping with there cc he can easily counter with his ult, he has some great sustain and and amazing clear time.

1 VolibearSquare Volibear

My first Jungler, his clear time is great he as possibly the best ganks in the game and he can't die in the jungle because of his passive 

If you have different junglers that you think are better share it