I did a top 5 junglers so i wanted to share my thoughts on tops now and maybe ADC and Mids keep in mind this is my own opinion if you think differently post it as a comment.

5. MalphiteSquare Malphite

You can't out sustain a malphite he will continue to harras you with his q and Lvl 6 will most likely go in for a full on combo.

4 ZedSquare Zed 

Zed can escape from very sticky situations like from ganks or tower dives his shadow lets you harras a ton and deal a ton of damage as well as ult letting you juke out other ults like Fizz's.

3 RumbleSquare Rumble 

He is able to extremely poke you constantly bringing down your health and blocking most of your basic attacks with his shield.

2 ShenSquare Shen 

Pre lvl 6 he's only a little threat because he can out sustain but Lvl 6 he can get out of situations easily with his ult and save his teamates.

1 JayceSquare Jayce

He will outpoke you, out sustain you and destroy you in most 1v1 situations.

Post who is your top 5 Solo tops!