What got me started into playing League of Legends was my friends. I used to play DOTA back in Warcraft III and I loved the gameplay. When my friends told me about League of Legends, I thought I should give it a try. I was instantly pulled into this game. My friends and I began to play many games and we all reached level 30 around the same time. It didn't matter what our schedules were like or if we could go see each other. We could always enjoy playing together no matter where we were.

My favorite champion is Akali. I love Akali because she is a ninja, and she has great maneuverability. I've always liked strong champs who can get in and out of battle and disrupt the enemy team. Akali provides me with the thrill of chasing opponents down and confusing them with my shroud. I feel the most confident when I play her. I dash into the fight and put down fast and heavy damage on an enemy. Once the enemy turns to me, I vanish into my shroud and regroup with my team for the final fight. Hands down, I believe Akali is the most fun champion to play and capable of being a strong carry in many games.