As you may or may not know, I'm very big on gameplay and story integration. As idealistic as it sounds, the better integrated the two are, the more natural the experience is. But this can't always be accomplished, especially in MOBA's where you have Xerath godlike beings fighting and even possibly losing to Jarvan IV mortal men. League of Legends can only do so many things of course, but I sometimes wonder if certain Champion kits fit their thematic identity. What's the point of saying that a character's uber-powerful if they can't use that power?

Let's use GarenSquare.png Garen as an example. In his lore, he's a courageous warrior who charges headlong into battle, no matter the danger. As his current kit stands, he fits this pretty well. His Decisive Strike.png Q removes all slows, increases his movement speed and amplifies his damage, giving him that proper heroic charge he's described of having; while his Courage.png W and Perseverance.png passive makes him hard to keep down, attributing to his unbreakable resolve. This is an awesome yet practical skill set, in my opinion.

Aatrox There Sion are Urgot possibly Dr. Mundo other Kha'Zix champions Kog'Maw whose Kayle gameplay Malphite and Nunu lore Pantheon don't Poppy fit, Sivir but Xin Zhao I Shen can't Renekton put Fiora my Jax finger Katarina on Fiddlesticks them... Ezreal darn.

Anyway, what do you think is each champion's theme and role, and do they fit each other?