We worship Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaven, God of all Gods and mightiest champion in the league. He is so mighty that we are only worthy enough to see him throw axes. Those who worship the fluffy devil (Teem_(It is forbidden to say all 5 letters)) oppose us, oppose His Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavenness, and everything they have ever lived for. Join us now to fight the evil scout furball and his army of fangirls!

GaReN'SFoRNooBS Draven

His Gloriousness.

GaReN'SFoRNooBS Draven's World


Donations can be made in the form of killing Teem_s and destroying mushrooms.

This post was brought to you by:

~~Draven, the Almighty

~~High Priest SirAston

Even if we are not on the front page anymore, the Church of Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaven will live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE MOUSTACHE!!!!!!