Draven, the Glorious Executioner

aka Draaaaaaaaaaaaaven Draveeeeeeeeeeeeen

  • I live in Noxus (Draaaaaaaaaaaavenland)
  • I was born on January 12
  • My occupation is Being Draven
  • I am Draven
  • Draven, the Glorious Executioner

    This is CCC.

    I decided to create an entry for the CCC for no appropriate reason at all. Have fun not being awed.

    Larra channels for 0.5 seconds. After the channel ends, Larra fires a beam in the chosen direction. Enemies take magic damage and are slowed for 2 second while allies gain movement and attack speed for 3 seconds.


    |cooldown= |range=750 |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    • Beam is just as thick as Xerath's Q.
    Larra reduces the damage an allied champion takes by 25% for 3 seconds. A percentage of the total amount of damage taken by the allied champion is then dealt to enemies in a 300-radius area around the buffed ally.

    |leveling= |cooldown= |range=600 |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    Larra shields all allies in a 100-radius area, giving them in…

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  • Draven, the Glorious Executioner

    bonus magic damage.


    Aurest pushes back the target enemy champion for 350 units, dealing magic damage and slowing enemy units in the repelled target's path for 2 seconds.


    |cooldown= |range=225 |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    • The repelled unit also receives the damage and the slow.
    Pulls every enemy unit within a 200-radius area of Aurest to his location, dealing magic damage and shielding Aurest.


    |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    Aurest places a Magnetic Pole at the target location. When the Magnetic Pole is hit by Aurest's other abilities, deals Magic Damage to enemy units in a 150-radius area around it while applying a 3 second slow. Aurest gains a stack of Magnetic Pole every 10 seconds. Maximum of 3 stacks. 0.3 second cooldo…
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  • Draven, the Glorious Executioner

    Seroch, the Mirror Nomad, is a custom champion in the League of Legends.

    Every 10 seconds, Seroch attacks twice, the second attack counting as a spell and proccing spell effects, and deals magic damage.

    |description2= Seroch creates an invulnerable clone of a target enemy champion which follows them at 10% reduced movement speed and dealing magic damage in a 250-radius around it by exploding after 5 seconds |leveling= |cooldown= |range=700 |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    • The clone does not disappear upon the target's death.
    Seroch empowers his next basic attack, dealing bonus magic damage and stunning the target hit.


    |cooldown=6 |cost=50 |costtype=mana }}

    • When used on a dual attack, the Bonus Damage procs twice.
    Seroch creates a mirror at t…
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  • Draven, the Glorious Executioner

    Kinan, the Storm Knight, is a custom champion not in the League of Legends

    Kinan's basic abilities have a global cooldown of 0.5 after switching forms.

    Kinan's blade switches forms and his next auto attack deals bonus damage and cleaves. Kinan gains bonus attack damage for every opponent hit by the first cleave, including the main target (maximum of 5 stacks). Additional cleaves occur every 4 auto attacks. Bonus attack damage lasts for 3 seconds after switching forms. Cleave hits enemies within a 90 degree cone of a radius of 500.


    |cooldown=5 |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    • Only applies on-hit effects to the main target.
    • The cleave percentage damage only affects your total attack damage.
    • Cooldown only starts after the Cleaving attack hits.

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  • Draven, the Glorious Executioner

    Veigasus, the Tiny Master of the Sands, is a champion fusion consisting of and in the League of Legends fusion set.

    Veigasus unleashes dark energy at an enemy, dealing magic damage. If this ability kills an enemy, Veigasus gains 2 stacks of "Baleful Siphon". Each stack adds 1 damage to this ability and every 2 stacks increases Veigasus' AP by 1. Killing a champion with any other ability also gives Veigasus more AP.


    |cooldown= |range=650 |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    Veigasus calls a great mass of burning dark matter from the sky, landing after a 1.25 second delay, dealing damage in a 112.5-radius area. Burns any enemy hit afterwards for 5 seconds, dealing magic damage and decreasing their magic resist for 5 seconds.



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