• DreaMPaniC

    Hello summoner and welcome to my first blog on this wikia. Today I would like to talk about the current meta : the popularity of melee adc. Those champion at the moment are :

    • Fiora
    • Tryndamere
    • Master Yi
    • Aatrox

    These champions can be played in different roles such as jungler, top laner and even bot at the place of "standard" adc. But lets start in order.


    • This champ can easly pass the front line on the enemy team with the use of q. For major result landing on champion that are our main target can be usefull to chain and try to kill them.
    • The use of his w can add more damage at the cost of some life, with life-steal can be diminished, and he can swap to healing mode during the fight for more survability.
    • His e add a slow,easy avoided if not in m…
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