Here's an idea for a League of Legends Champion, tell me what you think.

The Mortar Team:

Basically my idea is inspired by the Warcraft III mortar team unit from the Human race.

The champion would be two dwarfs that move together as one unit. The main idea is that their auto-attack range would be OP, but the rest of their stats would be less than marginal. Their base range would be 700(next highest ranged champion would be caitlyn at 650). Their base attack damage, health, and attack speed would be 40, 300, .4(by far the lowest in the game). They make up for their low stats by having OP range. To make things fair and realistic this champions would have all of their stats less than other chamions stats except for their attack range. This champion would be incredibly squishy with extremely slow attack speed. To be succesful with champion the summoner would to be careful where the position the Mortar Team. If this champions is too OP because of thier range than just scale down their base attack speed until it is fair.

Passive:  Gains 10 range per level(level 18 range would be 880). Attack damage is reduced by 5 for every 50 attack range the enemy unit is closer than 500 and increased by 5 for every 50 attack range above 500(any enemy less than 100 attack range would not receive damage).

Their "Q" would be a small area of effect attack equal to their attack damage(about the size of the base of a tower).

Their "W" would bascially be something similar to the barrier summoner ability. Stats would change with leveling and would be scaled to whatever seems realistic.

Their "E" would consist of one of the team conducting a melee attack equal to 75% of their base damage against an opponent within 100 range. 20 second cooldown, 100 mana. 

Their "R" would be a skill shot missile that would deal 200 + their Attack Damage. Passive: auto attacks would set the opponent ablaze dealing 5 damage per second for 5 seconds.