• Drunk Bloke

    I might be "beating a dead horse: about the of "Demanican Justice vs Noxian Guillotine"

    But, people need to understand the exact usage, and not how "one can outperform the other because Magic DMG vs True DMG, Refreshing CD"

    Putting damage side, what does DJ do well that NG can't? For one, I see that DJ will out scale NG in damage based on what the target is stacking/lacking. Against Tanks, DJ will almost always maim, to permanently, injure the tank so it puts him/her out of use. But one will say then they wasted everything on the tank, I only see it as a waste if they didnt allow Garen to expend his ulti to cripple the tank. (Note: 525 + (40% maximum hp missing))

    As offtank Garen he has the ability to "CHARGE" in wif Q and W, if he so wished …

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