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    As a lot of people known and have noticed, the support role is almost always being left out. Which is the position I always fill up. As a support, you will seriously need to be adaptive. People who usually play ADC/APC/top are usually arrogant - "I'm the carry, I farm, we win" and always look down on support when they win AND blame the support when they lose.

    So one thing we must do as support is to make sure the support you pick WILL sync with whoever ADC is being used (and the rest of the team). If they pick , DO NOT pick . If your team is full of crazy dmg dealers but lacks CC (those idiots) then you better pick a CC monster like , , , etc. (and no.....not ).

    What we do as a support is not only to "support", it's actually more like a butler/nanny …

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  • DualDragonAce

    Trundle may be unpopular due to his ugliness(don't deny it) just like urgot.So maybe its really time for a change in trundle to let this troll be happy for once

    BUT as one of the small trundle players out there, i just can't let this troll be degenerated into that new "thing" that have such a bad lore. i love trundle the way he is, he may be ugly, disgusting, and a troll, but i can feel some sort of sympathy with his lore as he have noble goal.

    First of all, let me remind you of the similarity from all the recent new champions. THEY HAVE NO REASON to join the league. How the heck did Khazix end up there? it'ns not like kog where Cho direct him. Why the heck elise was admitted to the league when she clearly a murderer and plotting something e…

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