As a lot of people known and have noticed, the support role is almost always being left out. Which is the position I always fill up. As a support, you will seriously need to be adaptive. People who usually play ADC/APC/top are usually arrogant - "I'm the carry, I farm, we win" and always look down on support when they win AND blame the support when they lose.

So one thing we must do as support is to make sure the support you pick WILL sync with whoever ADC is being used (and the rest of the team). If they pick EzrealSquare Ezreal, DO NOT pick JannaSquare Janna. If your team is full of crazy dmg dealers but lacks CC (those idiots) then you better pick a CC monster like AmumuSquare Amumu, AlistarSquare Alistar, LeonaSquare Leona, etc. (and no.....not SorakaSquare Soraka).

What we do as a support is not only to "support", it's actually more like a butler/nanny that makes sure their "young master" grows well while we fend off all the problems AND making sure the enemy is facing a lot of problems (ever got ulted by SonaSquare Sona and MalphiteSquare Malphite? - you get the picture) while your team dish out all the dmg they got.

But still, even if you are doing a good job as a support but the ADC is brain dead (straight Runaan's Hurricane item hurricane CaitlynSquare Caitlyn, etc.) you may still lose AND get blamed in the process. In those kind of heart-wrenching scenario, there is nothing you can do than just calmly stroke your heart, exhale a big sigh, and mutter "be strong my heart, another less rage is another less idiots in this game".

In conclusion, in late game or end game almost nobody will commend you for such a good support as your team never really care for you or what you have actually done just because they got more damage.

It's like an equation MOAR DAMAGE = INSTANT WIN! which is delusional without any proper CC and support. Heck even the enemy team will have more chance to realize that you are a real pain in the ass and have more probability of giving you honor than your arrogant teammate.

Therefore, stand high and mighty all of you support player! We may be mocked! We may be blamed! We may be sacrificing our own selfish desires! and We may not be thanked!... but a victory my friend, is still a good game in our heart.....and some good IP too XD