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    What Mordekaiser Needs

    July 17, 2013 by Echonaut

    I'm a fan of the Dark Lord Mordekaiser but every time i play him i can't help but realize something, "He has no CC or gapclosers or any utility really!"

    Now I do realize that he can be quite overpowered, even if he does bad he can just ult the enemy carry and pick up some kills, but his early game is nothing but farming and trading (kills can be achieved through effective ganks or misplays by the enemy.) The only real way to stick to a target is by rushing a Rylai's but that is giving up a lot of damage and one item slot (I usually get Rylai's after Soc. Shoes, Spellvamp Item, and Rabadons.) After hitting six and getting your ultimate you can Flash, Ult, Ignite but that's using both of your summoners. (Note: His Q is useless early game for a…

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