I'm a fan of the Dark Lord Mordekaiser but every time i play him i can't help but realize something, "He has no CC or gapclosers or any utility really!"

Now I do realize that he can be quite overpowered, even if he does bad he can just ult the enemy carry and pick up some kills, but his early game is nothing but farming and trading (kills can be achieved through effective ganks or misplays by the enemy.) The only real way to stick to a target is by rushing a Rylai's but that is giving up a lot of damage and one item slot (I usually get Rylai's after Soc. Shoes, Spellvamp Item, and Rabadons.) After hitting six and getting your ultimate you can Flash, Ult, Ignite but that's using both of your summoners. (Note: His Q is useless early game for anything but farm)

My Proposal: Rework W

Morde's W is used to keep his sheild up/Increase resistances in duels and teamfights as far as I'm concerned, but Morde's already a bursty dueler and heavy AoE damage dealer.

Instead of just having a low damage, low scaling, maxed last, with a little bit of resistance squeezed in (30 Armor and Mr at max rank), Instead Morde should have some kind of CC or Gap-Closer/Gap-Creater.

Creeping Death

Mordekaiser spirals towards an enemy champion in a cluster of metal and darkness dealing magic damage and rooting them in place for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds, recieving bonus Armor and Magic Resisitance upon arriving at the target's location for a short time (2 seconds)

I suppose the AP scaling could be raised to (.5) from (.2), also, these changes could add more variety in what Morde should max first, do they want heavy CC and sticking to targets or pushing power and damage? For know its just Max E first and Q second, leaving his W in the dust. 

And yes it is kind of a mixture of Kat's E and Maokai's W but it's something Morde needs, he can only really use E to poke and W on a minion for a little before it dies. Know after the changes have been discussed, I probably will still get Rylai's but maybe it won't be to big of a rush so often. I'm the kinda guy that likes to go all in when I'm playing a damage dealing sustainer and I'd like to be able to get in range to get my bursty Q off.

And Lastly this opens more options for Mordekaiser's role, he's always been played top or mid but it hink this will give him the ability to support or initiate if Morde decides to build tanky, also, Jungle Morde anyone?