Smart casting is a usefull tool in the game, and many pros use it. But just how usefull can it be?

Smart Casting brings many advantages to the game and many risks. A good advantage that it brings is the quickness of pressing an ability and having it automatically shoot in the direction of a mouse, a reason this is a good thing is because it saves you time and can be effective with skillshots and other abilitys

But would you really be willing to risk the safety of having an aiming rectical? I understand that you can activate the aim bar when using smart casting, but then whats the point of smart casting if you are just going to manually pull up the rectical? One disadvange is to not have the helpfull aiming help, and a reason why this is a disadvantage is because it takes away from actually being able to aim.

Personally, i don't use smartcasting. But EVERYONE tells me that i should. What are some of your guys opinions on it? Is it usefull or more of a hassel to not be able to aim your shots properly?