• Einsoph5

    Let's Fix Katarina?

    May 27, 2015 by Einsoph5

    Katarina's nerfs still haven't stopped the endless flow of complaints about the champion. Personally, I want Katarina to stay the way she is(or how she was at the end of season 4) but apparently we can't have that, even with the tank meta. There has got to be a middle ground here, people.

    I like playing Katarina because after I finish fighting someone, I can still do more for my team. It's frustrating to see that Katarina's damage is underwhelming compared to champions like Zed, Diana, Syndra, and Leblanc, BUT she still gets a lot of flak.

    Like, what do people find infuriating about Katarina? Is it the resets and murder chains?  Is it her ult? Is it her lack of a resource?

    Identity as a Champion: Mobile, AOE, Janitor?

    Resource: Energy?

    Passive: …

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