Katarina's nerfs still haven't stopped the endless flow of complaints about the champion. Personally, I want Katarina to stay the way she is(or how she was at the end of season 4) but apparently we can't have that, even with the tank meta. There has got to be a middle ground here, people.

I like playing Katarina because after I finish fighting someone, I can still do more for my team. It's frustrating to see that Katarina's damage is underwhelming compared to champions like Zed, Diana, Syndra, and Leblanc, BUT she still gets a lot of flak.

Like, what do people find infuriating about Katarina? Is it the resets and murder chains?  Is it her ult? Is it her lack of a resource?

Identity as a Champion: Mobile, AOE, Janitor?

Resource: Energy?


  •  10% Spellvamp or Movement impaired units take additional damage/have resistances reduced 
  • Katarina's cooldowns are reduced by 15 seconds on kill/assist
  • Kills/assist also replenish Energy

Q - Bouncing Blades: Costs X Energy

  • 1. Casting animation removed or shortened?

W - Sinister Steel: Costs X Energy

  • 1. Still grants movement speed

E - Shunpo: Costs X Energy

  • Snares or Slows
  • Resets Auto-Attack timer
  • Still gains damage reduction

R - Death Lotus: No Cost

  • Channels for 3 seconds
  • Hits all champions in range
  • No longer inflicts Grievous Wounds
  • Fires a passthrough pulse of knives
    • Basically, if your target has flash, he/she'll live
    • if your target has a strong heal/shield, he/she'll live
  • Alternatively, the current Death Lotus damage could be changed to:
    • 35/55/75 base damage & 10% target's current health (+1.5% per 100 AP) down to a minimum of ___.

On a scale of 1 to 9, Katarina's current QEWR combo damage on one target kinda of looks like:


The majority of her damage comes from her Q mark detonation, and then the damage tapers off towards the end.

By making each ult dagger do damage based on current health, we can manipulate Katarina's QEWR to look more like:


This gives the opponent time to react and get out of Katarina's ult or to turn on Katarina.

Or maybe each ult dagger does damage based on missing health so that the ult damage ramps up:


Whenever I'm ready to fight as Katarina, I look for a low health target. Then I'll proceed to QEWR(or EQWR) to kill that target. Usually the target is slain by the time I cast Shunpo, so any duration of Death Lotus(that I can get off) is just free damage onto the rest of the team. This leads me to wonder why she needs her ult at all. If I'm ahead, I'll see my ult as more of a liability than a pentakill enabler. I would much rather seek a low health target, Flash E-W, get the reset, ward jump out, and then force a 5v4 (with me still retaining all of 4 of my spells).