• Elbatojoey

    Diana with some tweeks.

    February 21, 2014 by Elbatojoey

    (15||||}} at each level) magic damage. The counter will reset if Diana hasn't attacked for seconds. In addition, Diana permanently has 20% bonus attack speed.

    }} | Diana will not generate stacks or consume the empowered attack if her autoattacks are , , , or if the attack misses. |spellshield=Will block the damage. |additional=

    • Diana's target is guaranteed to take the damage, even if they flash out of range before the attack completes (and visually aren't within the area of effect).
    • Unlike similar effects, such as and , there is no visible counter. However, each of the three attacks in the cycle has a distinct animation and her blade will glow when the empowered attack is ready.
    • The area of effect is centered on Diana - not her target.


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