• Elecissa

    Hello, Elecissa online!

    And first: this Soon in PBE Katarina can got next changes:

    "General Base Attack Speed: .658 >> .625

    Attack SPeed Growth: 2.74% >> 2%

    Attack Delay: Katarina's Basic attacks come out ~46% faster.

    Q - Bouncing Blades

    DAMAGE (1st hit): 60/85/110/135/160 (+45% AP) >> 60/70/80/90/100 (+30% AP)

    DAMAGE (2nd hit): 15/30/45/60/75 (+15% AP) >> 20/55/90/125/160 (+40% AP)

    W - Sinister Steel

    DAMAGE: 40/75/110/145/180 (+25% AP)(+60% Bonus AD) >> 60/75/90/105/120% Total AD(+25%AP)

    E - Shunpo DAMAGE: 60/85/110/135/160 (+40% AP) >> No longer deals damage

    DAMAGE REDUCTION: 15% at all ranks >> 10/15/20/25/30%

    Also fixed a bug which caused Shunpo's DR duration to be 1 second instead of 1.5 seconds

    COOLDOWN: 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 >> 15 seconds at all ranks …

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  • Elecissa

    4.20/Noob Sight

    December 1, 2014 by Elecissa

    Sorry for my English. And hello, though i'm not sure about greetings.

    0)Keep in your mind: i'm unranked, though i playing to LoL from April 2014. But i'm not so experienced than Scarra or Dyrus.

    1) When new jungle items (i mean  and ) appears, becomes more vulnerable. [1] It's funny and even cool. Especially for unexperienced players. They were can't counter Tryndamere, like or even ;

    2)After jungle rework, lead all the records in banrate. For 1 December 2014 his banrate is 91.02%. [2] Okay, jungle camps becomes more stronger than early, in Season 4. New jungle more like for tanks, like or . And WW, of course.

    I think, will be feel in that jungles like in home. But shall be hard to master. I think so.

    Also,  and Fiora by their and  can q…

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