Sorry for my English. And hello, though i'm not sure about greetings.

0)Keep in your mind: i'm unranked, though i playing to LoL from April 2014. But i'm not so experienced than Scarra or Dyrus.

1) When new jungle items (i mean Skirmisher's Sabre item.png Skirmisher's Sabre and Stalker's Blade item.png Stalker's Blade) appears, Tryndamere Tryndamere becomes more vulnerable. [1] It's funny and even cool. Especially for unexperienced players. They were can't counter Tryndamere, like Fiora Fiora or even Master Yi Master Yi;

2)After jungle rework, Warwick Warwick lead all the records in banrate. For 1 December 2014 his banrate is 91.02%. [2] Okay, jungle camps becomes more stronger than early, in Season 4. New jungle more like for tanks, like Jarvan IV Jarvan IV or Sejuani Sejuani, The Boar-woman. And WW, of course.

I think, Rek'Sai Void Lurker will be feel in that jungles like in home. But Tunnel.png her hole systems shall be hard to master. I think so.

Also, Pantheon Pantheon and Fiora by their Aegis Protection.png Aegis Protection and Riposte.png Riposte can quickly take Dragon Slayer.png Dragon Slayer buff. I don't know, what think about it;

3)Okay, Kalista Kalista is out in 11/19/2014. And she is funny, but weaker than Lucian walking crematorium. Her skill kit like Sivir's and Ashe's. That's make her weak. Kalista She is more helpless without ally. From one side it's cool, you count on your teammates. From other side there is many duelists, which can alone stand against nor only assassins, but even against all other non-tank champions. Like Irelia Irelia, Vi "I want to punch something" girl or Xin Zhao "To the sky about three" guy from fighters. And Vayne Vayne, Twitch Twitch, Corki Yordle & Machine and Jinx Jinx from marksmens. I think, they're a best duelists.

I don't check, how Kalista stand against Quinn Quinn and Valor her pet.

4)If i shall talk about fanon, then take heart.

After Kalista's release she'll be paired with Thresh Thresh [3]. And there is only one trouble: Thresh in some fan-art displayed as blushing boy, when standing together with Kalista vengeful conglomeration of souls. That's funny, but little stupid [4].

There was try to show Kalista as matchmaker, especially when she was supported by Leona Sun Knight [5]. She trying to pair is Leona x Diana Diana [6]. That's be funny, but obsolete. Because you know, how Fate's Call.png "fling skill" works? Kalista summons ally (okay, not summons, but make him untargetable spirit), and that ally chooses, to which direction he will dash;

Okay, thanks for attention! Sorry for my stupid thoughts and ideas maybe. Good luck! --