• Elektrika
    After using "Kinergy", Onia's Health-Regeneration is increased. This Effect stacks in time.

    |leveling =


    Onia hurls a dagger that causes physical Damage in a straight line. The dagger is stuked in the ground for a short period of time.

    |description2 = Throws a additional dagger for each rank in "Kinergy". Every single dagger must be fired manually and costs 25% of the actual mana cost. After the last shot, or if 2 seconds passed without a shot, the cooldown begins. |leveling = |cooldown=4 |cost= |costtype=mana |range=650 }}

    Roots bystanders in 275 range before Onia teleportes to the target point. Also frees from movement impairing effects like slows.

    |description2 = After a maximum of 3 seconds, this ability can be used again by casting…

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