• Eliboy

    Hello there! My name is Eli and i'm a League of Legends player. I'll tell you my opinion about crying because you got a "noob team" and how to act. There is 3 possibilities:

    1. You got a good team and you, of course, you are good;
    2. You got a noob team, for real, and you are good;
    3. Your team, including you is noob, but in this case i would say you can't blame your team, you are the same as it.

    First, if you team is good and you are good, wining can be true. It's simple. But even you thing you are the best, you always can learn something.

    Secondly, if you are good, you can try carrying them. It may not work every time, but is better than start asking for reports. And give them advices, be their captain: "Come Baron now!", "Def now!", "Stay toghether!"…

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