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  • ElleRose

    I've been a long time Rumble player and I've always thought that Rumble's skins needed some sort of Ooomph to it. His skins seem to be fine but what I'm going with this is that there's a need for a High Technology skin similar to Pulsefire Ezreal. Mechanical stuff had always fascinated me and I've thought up a similar concept to Aetherwing Kayle for a custom champion of mine... I've even finished a concept art but alas I saw Aetherwing like a month or so after I cooked up my idea and declined putting it up as it would only look like a rip-off now. (I am still unhappy about it.)

    So now, I decided to try to make a Legendary skin idea for Rumble. My inspiration for the idea would no doubt be Pulsefire Ezreal and the Battlecast series. Outside …

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  • ElleRose

    |firstdetail = Unprecedented is a single targeted blink ability that causes Dezeeree to teleport to a target enemy unit's location, appearing behind the unit and ordering Dezeeree to deal an enhanced auto-attack to the target. When done under invisibility the enhanced auto-attack gains 100% critical strike chance.

    • Apprehension does not proc spell vamp and .

    |secondname = Ocerotrius

    |secondinfo = (Passive): Grants an on-hit effect that adds a stack of corruption for each critical strike with a maximum of 3 stacks and a duration of 2 seconds. 2 stacks applies the bonus for Dezeeree and 3 stacks would allow amplified damage from Dezeeree's allies.

    (Active): Hurls a dagger towards the location of a target unit and deals magic damage to all enemies…

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  • ElleRose

    Concept art was created alongside Cris  and another character. Dezeeree or "Deezee"/"DZ" for short is based on your typical shadowy assassin. Along with exceptional aiming skills for critical attacks on weak spots, she also possess a fair deal of extra weaponry. This explains the great artificer ability as she is proficient with the use of multiple gadgets.

    She also owns a magical weapon similar to Cris, while the former has Etherius, Deezee has Ocerotrius and bears similar themes. Of which is a crystalline weapon encased in a metallic outer casing, only difference would be that the Etherius has a blue color scheme while Ocerotrius is purple and are twin daggers instead of a broad sword (Etherius).

    About her clothing, I can say that I've bas…

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  • ElleRose

    A custom champion idea that I've created based on the whole active item user concept. More specifically, Sword of the Divine, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Blade of the Ruined King and Mercurial Scimitar. However, this doesn't limit her to the typical AD assassin role due to the versatility provided by Great Artificer, she can either be an AP assassin with twin usage of Deathfire Grasp, Zhonya's Hourglass and Seraph's Embrace or a support champion with possibly twin usage of Mikael's Crucible, Shurelya's Reverie, Twin Shadows, Banner of Command, Ohmwrecker and Shard of True Ice.

    Blink to a target unit and causing the next auto-attack to deal bonus magic damage. When used under invisibility, attack gains 100% critical strike chance.



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  • ElleRose

    • Wescott excels by allowing his allies to quickly focus down enemies under the effects of Scrutinize. It would be wise to land an autoattack first before letting your allies use their hard hitting abilities to secure a kill.
    • Scrutinize has good synergy with the Pickpocket utility mastery as he would require landing autoattacks every now and then at enemy champions to harass them and keep them away from the minions for fear of being dealt heavy damage, thus denying them of the opportunity to farm and at the same time granting Wescott a fair amount of gold.
    • Scrutinize and his high base damage can help the carry farm but at the same time push the lane. This might open the lane for ganks due to overextension. Coupled by the fact that Pursuit gran…

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