I was thinking about how absolutely underpowered Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance seemed compared to other summoner spells, and was wondering more about what could be done to help it... So these are ideas about that. Though not quite certain how drastic Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance would need to be buffed to allow it to show up. (Similar could be said about Heal.png Heal and Clarity.png Clarity, however I don't think that buffing them is a good idea.)

In order of how often I see a given Summoner Spell (#-# in a game): Flash.png Flash (6-10 per game), Ignite.png Ignite (2-6), Exhaust.png Exhaust (0-4), Smite.png Smite (0-2), Ghost.png Ghost (0-5), Barrier.png Barrier (0-4), Cleanse.png Cleanse (0-2), Teleport.png Teleport (0-5), Revive.png Revive (0-1), Clarity.png Clarity (0), Heal.png Heal (0), Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance (0)

  • Upgrade reveals stealth instead of persistent sight
  • Increase effects of Eleisa's Miracle item.png Eleisa's Miracle on cooldowns (maybe to 40%); allow it to continue giving the holder the Transmute passive (and holding on to that when it permanently attaches to the champion).
  • Larger sight range when enhanced by Eleisa's Miracle item.png Eleisa's Miracle instead of reduced cooldown
  • Increase duration and upgrade's duration to 6-8 seconds from 5
  • Upgrade gives holder bonus Sight Range (400?)
  • Flat-out reveals stealth
  • Upgrade causes damage amplification for 5 seconds (allows teamfight usage? though that would be conflicting purpose, it still has the same 'supports team')