• Elslovako

    Hi everyone! I'm elslovako, i come from Central Europe and mine england are terribel. In this post I will show you my first concept of champion named Sethia. Sethia is melee AP assassin with powerful (imo) utli but with not so good farm. Tell me what you think about she and what should I improve. Ok, let me improve Sethia, the Dark Assassin.

    Killing enemy unit reduce cooldown of Emblem of Death for 2 seconds. If Emblem of Death isn't yet unlocked or it's ready for use, killing enemy unit restore 20 mana.


    Next basic attack made by Sethia will deal bonus magic damage. If Smash kills unit, it will deal magic damage in small area from killed unit. If target is alone or is marked by Emblem of Death, damage is doubled.

    |leveling =   

    |cooldown =


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